No Man's Land Feature - available free to watch

No Man's Land is a World War One commemorative project by acclaimed composer John Psathas and producer/director Jasmine Millet (Story Shop) bringing together over 150 musicians from around the world.

Many of the musicians were filmed on the exact same battlefields that 100 years ago their forebearers were fighting and dying they were able to come together in peace as friends and share humanity's common language of music. In commemoration of this war, rather than meditating on past deeds and glorifying certain actions, it is hoped people will reflect on our need for peace and compassion, that building bridges benefits us more than destroying them...

The feature film is now available to view freely. Please enjoy it and share it as widely as possible!

In the coming months Jasmine will share some of her experiences and insights as producer and director of No Man's Land.

If you are after more information about the project or some of the wonderful musicians and people involved in the creation of No Man's Land then please check out